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Great Lakes Technical Rescue

Required Class Equipment

Equipment Lists

Students are required to provide their own personal protective equipment. For questions or help in selecting appropriate equipment, please call us at 414-477-1718 or email [email protected]. Wetsuits can be rented from a local dive shop.


Water Rescue Equipment

  • full wetsuit or drysuit
  • lightweight water or kayak helmet
  • US Coast Guard Approved Type III or V life jacket/PFD
  • thick-soled water booties or tennis shoes
  • gloves

Rope Rescue Equipment

  • climbing or fire helmet
  • leather gloves
  • work boots, hiking boots, or appropriate footwear
  • long pants or coveralls
  • full body harness (sit/chest harness can be substituted)
  • appropriate protective clothing for weather conditions

Additionally, you will need to bring a fantsatic attitude, a willingness to learn, and be prepared to have a great time!

If you do not have all of the required equipment, there are both purchase and rental options available. Many dive and scuba shops offer westuits and exposure suits for rent. Outdoor outfitters may also have life jackets, harnesses, and helmets for rent.

Additionally, Rescue 3 International has its own product line which can be found at The Rescue Source offers a complete product line for swiftwater and technical rope rescue at extremely competetive prices.

We will provide all the NFPA compliant technical rescue equipment required of each course. Examples of the equipment we will bring include: climbing rope (life line), carabiners, prusiks, webbing, brake bar racks, pulleys, and throwbags.